Cheap as Chips Home Staging Furnishings

As a Home Stager I try to save client’s money by using items they already have instead of buying new. It also gives great satisfaction to see something you no longer value in its current state transformed once again into a thing of beauty. This time though it was something of mine that needed the transformation treatment. If you enjoy recycling then this has to be the easiest project ever.

I had already re-covered this stool once before but over the years it had begun to look shabby again and frankly the colour of the old cover no longer fitted in with my colour scheme.

There was no sewing involved just quite a bit of preparation. Tools included a small chisel, claw hammer and staple gun. The whole project took just one and half hours to complete. One thing to remember here is the dreaded Health and Safety aspect – unless you have checked the fabric you are using is fireproof and meets current regs. you cannot sell on the item you recover.

Using the small chisel I pulled off the edging studs before using it to help lever up the staples from the base cover.

Discarding the original cover I placed the new cover onto the foam pad making sure the stripe pattern was centred correctly.

This is the hardest part – one of the edges of the new cover was carefully stretched and a staple put in the centre then one either side. Turn the stool around to the opposite side and staple the same way as the first edge making sure you stretch the fabric so it is tight. Follow up with the other two sides keeping the fabric taught – now go around one more time with the staple gun pulling and tugging the fabric to fit snuggly as you staple.

Finally refit the base cover stapling it in place then turn the stool the right way up and replace the edging studs. Et voila one recycled piece of furniture for the cost of the remnant of fabric and some elbow grease!  

Using the previous cover as a template I carefully cut out the new cover.

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