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The current state of the economy is encouraging a new thrifty chic look for our home interiors and some new words too! Recycling appears to have been ‘upcycled’ with Reclaiming and upcycling has turned into Reinventing – but does the wording really matter? After all it is all about’ reclaiming’ and reinventing items we already have to cope with a recession where money is tight for all. Whether we are customising, upcycling or reinventing our coffee tables, chest of drawers or bedheads what is important is that it’s the small changes that make big differences and never more so than when used to improve your home interior.

I have just begun a YouTube tutorial series all about thrifty, money saving ways of making over or reinventing

Simple Upholstery

Small changes make a BIG impact

out- dated furniture into new exciting items to set off your interiors for a fraction of the cost of new.  The second video in the series, called Simple Upholstery, shows you how easy it is to recover a set of four, removable dining chair pads to bring them right on trend for around 79 pence per seat.  For more ideas on how reinventing, upcycling and renewing items you already own check out my website   This season’s trend still carries on the theme of retro but with the added feel of the nostalgia of  the 1950s & 60s but this autumn   a West meets East feel – traditional English tweed setting the tone for cosy comfort with shots of vibrant colour and easy on the eye pattern full of Eastern promise from the orient has been added to lift the darker, heavier tweedy colours.

Super brights

Jewel colours from

Beware though, this new look will not sit easily in every home, you need large rooms and big windows  to help carry it off if you don’t want to end up with a darkened dungeon look – but if you are determined to get your piece of interior fashion then here are a few thrifty tips on reinventing items you may already own or need to buy to help you to achieve it without breaking the bank.

Thrifty ways to achieve this look are easy to come by especially if you are able to use a sewing machine – just look out for lightweight knits, tweed skirts and jackets, ribbons and bright silks in charity shops to make into beautiful bargain, on trend, cushions.

By the Way – Another trend is developing that seems to link with the general darker feel of the current economic downturn. Some interior designers are calling it Industrial Upcycling. The industrial look has been around for a while especially in upmarket city apartments but this is different, much more edgy – in more ways than one – it’s all about recycled factory floor furniture and fittings.

It’s not a look for the faint hearted either, lots of platform trolleys with rusty wheels and coffee tables made up of distressed decking, so watch out for your best tights and stockings! Even old metal workbenches and metal shelves have made it into the new look upcycled interior – but it is a case of buyer beware if you are looking for the genuine thing because a lot of this stuff is actually a brand new product. Definitely not a cosy look and one, I personally, am not in love with.


The first step to all Interior ReDesign & Home staging problems is to evaluate and be objective.

Have a great day

Rhonda’s Hint for today is brought to you direct from the desk of Rhonda Deal – Interior ReDesigner and Home Stager. Rhonda is available as a speaker, teaches and provides consulting services B2B and to private residential clients who want to improve their work/living space

You can find out more about what Rhonda has to offer at

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