Moving House Can Be A Killer

According to a survey by the Halifax Building Society one of the top three most stressful situations in life is moving house. The other two are divorce and death!

That got me thinking about the reasons WHY? Did the worry and stress stem from one source or was it a combination factors.  For instance my research shows there is no official structure or rules for the different agencies such as solicitors, banks, estate agents etcetera when it comes to exchange and key handover on completion. I have been told horror stories that include not receiving the keys to the new house on handover day because solicitors and bank had not completed their side of the business. The removal firms don’t come out of it too well either accidents and damage is sometimes unavoidable in a big move with so much going on but there are instances of damage and accidents happening that could have been avoided. There are a few rogue removal companies out there that don’t train their staff, overload their lorries and much worse.  And what about the different tasks that only we can do like contacting everyone with our change of address details.

Now that is one area that, once you know where to look, is not so scary and can be simplified so that the stress level is reduced to almost zero. So I did a bit more research on good old Google and came up with some fascinating facts and helpful websites that will help to minimise some of the worst pitfalls of not taking care when it comes to who needs to know you are relocating – like ending up with raging toothache and finding you forgot to register with a local NHS dentist so end up paying £££s.

Did you know for example that when you move it’s not just Auntie Ethel and the gas man who needs to know your new address and contact details? There is a wide variety of organisations that all need your new details if you are to be able to collect your child allowance, tax credits and pension to re-registering to vote.  At the very worst failure to notify the various government departments of your change of address could result in you being without any immediate income after you have moved house or even leave you open to fraud.

Below is a short list of helpful websites whose checklists will take some of the worry out of moving home. has a whole section listing the different government departments  you need to contact when moving home, such as Student Loans, HMRC and Child Support.  The website even goes so far as to give useful  hints and tips such as when to tell people your new contact address details. really important you let these folk know otherwise their sinister white van may come on the prowl and you end up with a hefty fine. and both have a handy checklist you can download and print out for easy reference. an independant relocation consultant

Another source of excellent helpful information is the removal companies themselves the good ones have ready made checklists and other helpful advice they hand to customers . Here in Norfolk and Suffolk we are lucky to have a number of reliable Removals companies all willing to help make moving to your new home as worry free as possible and I know that also applies to Removal firms in other parts of the country. Estate Agents are good at giving a value added service that covers moving and host of other things.

There are many more websites from television home and property programme channels to broadband providers so it’s a case of using Google to search for the list that is a close match to your needs. Print it off and fix it to a kitchen cupboard or wall where it is in line of sight and tick off each task as you do it.

I adore lists because they help me to organise my thoughts (I tend to ‘butterf’ly’ from one task to another all too easily without my beloved daily list to guide me) and in the case of moving house with all the packing, sorting and cleaning to do one end and the cleaning, unpacking and sorting at the new property I believe a checklist is essential and will  save  your sanity.

As a home stager I am adept at helping people present their properties for sale and getting the property sold. But that survey made me think “What about the move to their new home? There had to be a way I could help make the move to their new property less stressful.”

Well folks,  I may not  have cracked the problem and come up with the ultimate one stop shop home removal package idea. But I do offer a gift option that might just fit the bill.

My Welcome Home gift offer was intended for travellers coming home after a long journey or holiday to a cold empty house but actually with a little reworking I realised it could also be used to welcome a home buyer moving into their new home.  The basic service has been reworked to include meeting the removal van at the new property; unboxing the household goods and then doing some basic dressing of two rooms to choose from for instance the kitchen and sitting room complete with a welcome home cuppa, a fresh home-made loaf and five essential groceries in the fridge. There’s only thing left for them to do…… flop into a comfy chair and relax in their new home with a hot, refreshing cup of tea safe in the knowledge that the worst was done and tomorrow was another day.

So don’t let moving house be a killer – if you’re tearing your hair out trying to get everything organised while still getting the kids ready for school or spending all day at work ( and you live in my service area of course) you know where to come 😀


The first step to any problem is to evaluate and be objective.

Have a great home staging day

Rhonda’s Tip for Today is brought to you direct from the desk of Rhonda Deal – Interior ReDesigner and Home Stager. Rhonda is available as a speaker, teaches and provides consulting services B2B and private residential clients who want to improve their work/living space

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