The Easy Way To Spring Clean

Cluttered guest room

Time to declutter

The fesitivities are almost over maybe now is a good time to look at freshening up your home.  Once upon a time the thought of the extra workload and disruption would have me running for the valium! The secret dear followers, is to plan, plan, plan then execute with precision and the job can be done easily and for little cost leaving you with an amazing sense of achievement and smug in the knowledge that you saved money too.

Here’s how in Six Steps:

1. Gather the tools for the job bin liners, dusters, packing boxes etc.

Top TIP: Clean rag is a great no cost option and lemon juice and vinegar are great for cutting through grease and leaving chrome sparkling.

2.  Plenty of paper to write on the name of each room you’re going to tackle for example the Lounge; Kitchen; Master Bedroom and so on (not strictly necessary but helpful in keeping you focused)

Top TIP: Use a roll of wall lining paper it’s cheap and has the second use of lining cupboard shelves too.

3. Plan to declutter and clear one room per day.  It is important to stay on schedule if you want the job finished.

4. Make a start: Empty the contents of your chosen room – yes it will feel crowded if you simply pull everything out and put it willy nilly around the house so organise everything to  be placed neatly in an area that is easily accessible yet still leave room to move. Begin by dusting any picture rails, cornice, don’t forget the ceiling lights (these should be gently wiped with damp cloths) then move on to the paintwork – don’t forget behind and underneath the radiators. Finally give the windows a good clean and if the weather is good leave them open for a while to air the room.

Top TIP: If you keep to the same plan for each room you can pace yourself better and to stop things getting on top of you.

5. Now the room is clean and while it is empty you can see if it will benefit from redecorating. Up until now all it has cost you is good, old fashioned elbow grease and cleaning products. If funds are low simply giving a room a thorough clean will freshen it up and by carefully putting items back – and more importantly leaving items out – any room will look  fresh and new with no extra expense.

Top TIP: Paint is cheaper than wallpaper and faster to put on the walls.

6. Ready to decorate the room? Always check how much natural light is available before choosing the paint colour. The addition of some well- chosen accessories in an accent colour or that have a hint of the wall colour will finish the look. If you can afford a little bit more scour auctions, charity shops, markets and sales for bargains. If you are handy with a sewing machine you will save £££s and be able to create unique accessories.

Top Tip: Do one room at a time to avoid revamp overload.

When revamping, the two rooms that need extra special treatment are:

The kitchen  – don’t forget those cupboards clean and line the shelves before putting stuff back – oh, and check the sell by dates on the products while you’re at it throwing out anything well past its shelf life.  If you have a stand-alone oven pull it out and clean thoroughly you’ll be surprised at the amount of grease and gunge has collected out of normal line of sight. Remember to empty the fridge and or fridge-freezer to defrost and cleanse throughout – putting a basin with baking soda and half a lemon inside helps eliminate nasty niffs in the fridge! Make an effort to clean the tops of the cupboards they get greasy and dusty too (I put that lining paper used for naming the rooms to good use here too by laying lengths onto the clean surfaces then once a year simply crumple up and throw out and replace with new saves loads of elbow grease)  and lastly replace the cooker hood filter.

The Bathroom – The sealant around baths and showers and the grouting between tiles often becomes dull, dingy and at times mouldy – clean with an old toothbrush and bleach and in the case of tiles use a grouting pen to freshen it us like new. If the stains are too bad on the silicon sealant then the quickest way is to strip it out and reseal with new.

Top TIP: Fresh flowers bring that extra bit of ambience and feelgood factor to a room

Flowers make an impact in any room

Flowers make an impact in any room

Once finished sit back grab a coffee (or gin and tonic!) and relax in a fresh and invigorating space after the dark days of winter.

Rhonda’s Tip for Today is brought to you direct from the desk of Rhonda Deal – Interior ReDesigner and Home Stager. Rhonda is available as a speaker, teaches (including recycling/upcycling techniques)and provides consulting services B2B and private residential clients who want to improve their work/living space

You can find out more about what Rhonda has to offer at

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