Thrifty Home Comforts

Recycled Chic painted furniture staged to sell

Once you have your new home comes the excitement of filling it with the furniture, soft furnishings and accessories of your choice. But How can you afford to get all the home comforts you need without sacrificing style and choice. The answer is to have an open mind, a willingness to look beyond the battered and scratched to see … Continue reading

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Stylish Recycling the Interior ReDesigner Way

Seat pads after

New From Old the Thrifty Way to a New Set of Dining Chairs One of the things that makes interior redesign more affordable than the usual start from scratch interior design –  is the way we use items our clients already have by recycling and updating tired and dated furniture and accessories. Here we have a set of dining chairs that … Continue reading

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A little Makeover Magic

The current state of the economy is encouraging a new thrifty chic look for our home interiors and some new words too! Recycling appears to have been ‘upcycled’ with Reclaiming and upcycling has turned into Reinventing – but does the wording really matter? After all it is all about’ reclaiming’ and reinventing items we already have to cope … Continue reading

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Give Your Home the Makeover it deserves with a little interior design Suffolk style

A little Makeover Magic

With a little (or a lot) of interior design Suffolk style, your home can be transformed from average suburban to celebrity chic, or somewhere in between if your personal style isn’t ostentatious, flamboyant or grandiose. Applying a little interior design Suffolk style can add value to your home especially if it is on the market, … Continue reading

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Three ‘P’s to Selling Your Home

Could be yours!

  Recent data for house sales in June has shown that sellers outnumber buyers 2 to 1 effectively making it a buyers’ market. A house is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it so, as a seller, you need to be aware of the Three ‘P’s – Price, Presentation, Promotion – when … Continue reading

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Cluttered guest room

SEVEN STEPS TO A PRODUCTIVE OFFICEHaving problems finding files and paperwork? A cluttered office is a nightmare to work in but it happens to us all at some point. Obviously it is easier to clear a home office than a commercial one but it is possible non-the-less. Papers, files, books and magazines, advertising leaflets all … Continue reading

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Cheap as Chips Home Staging Furnishings

As a Home Stager I try to save client’s money by using items they already have instead of buying new. It also gives great satisfaction to see something you no longer value in its current state transformed once again into a thing of beauty. This time though it was something of mine that needed the … Continue reading

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What Government Public Sector cuts will mean for House Prices

The Governments cuts in the public sector are likely to have a severe knock on effect to the housing market. With an estimated 490,000 jobs going over the next four years (around one in ten jobs) that means that some towns will have a large number of public sector employees out of work leading to … Continue reading

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Don’t Ignore These Three When Trying To Sell Your Home

Colour, light and space -three elements we forget at our peril when it comes to selling our homes. These three are what makes a buyer want to buy your property. Colour – go over the top with colour and it can put people off. Yet many of my clients think that neutral is the same as bland … Continue reading

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